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  1. Great episode guys. I’ve been trying to crank out short stories to learn more about writing. I’ve now written three novels and they all need a lot of revising because I still have a lot to learn about telling a good story (plotting, pacing, etc). The later ones have seemed to need less, so I’m learning something – but I loved when Eliyanna talked about being better at plotting now thanks to writing tons of short stories. I’ve found as I’ve become serious about writing that the hard part isn’t the actual writing – but the plotting. I can sit and crank out words without any problems, but getting the story right with a great beginning middle and end is tough! So that was encouraging to hear, thanks for sharing that Eliyanna. I think the short story is a great vehicle to learn good story telling, and unlike novels it doesn’t take forever so you have the potential to learn many lessons in way less time which I find very appealing. I loved The Road by the way. Even though it was bleak there were some touching moments in that novel. Anyways, great episode!


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