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  1. Thanks so much for mentioning us, Robin!

    I have to say, though, that we DID know that Michael’s book was self-published (we always look up the publishers). However (and this proves your point), we read it because it was recommended to us by Janny Wurts who I believe you connected with through Goodreads and, after that, we saw good reviews from several other bloggers. He got our attention.

    BTW, we used to accept self-published works but, unfortunately, with only a couple of exceptions (one of which is Michael, obviously), they have been of poor quality. They were mostly painful to read and painful to review. We have too much to read as it is and our website is for readers, not authors, so though we hate to not give self-published authors a chance, it just wasn’t fitting our vision.

    Michael succeeded because he writes excellent fantasy fiction and he has a wife who is willing to pound the pavement for him. That’s a combination that works!


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