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  1. Very interesting. I will say, Justin, I never saw the call for roasts, or I probably would have contributed. I got shit to say about y’all.

    Anyway, my comment is mostly for Ryan.

    I don’t mean to make this a “toot my own horn” comment, but right before NaNoWriMo, I ran an outlining workshop off my blog (and IRL) that seemed to help out a lot of people. It includes the notecarding process, but with a TON of stuff before and after to help flesh it out and see what you need in your story.

    I’ve also got an audio file of the Ladies Pendragon going through a large part of the workshop. We’re holding onto it for later, but I’d be happy to send it to you if you need something to go by.

    Aynway, the link for the first part of the outlining workshop on my blog is:

    Don’t know if it will be helpful at all, but I hope so! 🙂



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