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This week the tables are turned, and instead of the robots interviewing a guest, Terry takes the mic and chats with Justin about his upcoming novel HAYWIRE, which drops March 13th, 2012. We hope you all enjoy the chat, and that you buy a copy of the book. As links to purchase go hot, we will alert you and post them up.

While chatting, Terry mentioned ACX. If you’re interested in having an audio version of your book made, check them out.

Also, as I mentioned on the show, please go to the Roundtable Podcast to have you story ideas hashed out with a group of great people.



  1. Good podcast on your book, Justin. I laughed out loud at Terry’s mock promo. You need to make that at least an intro to a show in the future, or even for fun, have him make a full joke promo.

    I’m shocked that you let a book go for two years without wanting to go back over it before submitting. My writing has grown so much in the past nine months, it’s just hard to imagine playing the waiting game without going back every few months to reread it.

    Check it out, I’m Terry, “Yeah, published a short story this weekend…” lol. What was your goal for this year, like 50 short stories? How’s that going?

  2. Tim, there’s only so many times you can go over a book before you’re perspective is blown, and when I submitted it to Gryphonwood I was also working on finishing up and submitting A MINOR MAGIC, so that was my priority at the time. Luckily both found homes.


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