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  1. Hi guys. I recently read a short story in 2nd person, which I normally hate (weren’t all the choose your own adventure books in 2nd?). But this one was done really well. Here’s a link to the interview of Junot Diaz, the authorknow in question, and it also has a link to the story. Free to read on the New Yorker.

    I think most of the nonstandard forms do better in a short story format than a longer one.

  2. Hey guys, love the show! Just to clarify about the Dresden Files, the vampire you brought up was Bianca, a Red Court Vampire. And yes, as Paul said, you haven’t seen anything yet. Justin if you want to give the series a chance, definitely read Fool Moon and Grave Peril then let us know what you think. Great show, keep up the good work.

  3. A couple books to bring up

    Epistolary (letter) book – Sorcery and Cecelia, by Patricia Wrede and Caroline Stevermer (which started as a game involving writing letters back and forth, and when they were done, they edited it down to a young adult novel)

    Epistolary (blog post) book – Alison Hewitt is Trapped, by Madeleine Roux. Zombie novel that came out last year. Not only is it blog posts (on a magical version of the internet that didn’t go down), but it even has comments, and responses to the comments.

    A present tense book that worked well: Changer, by Jane Lindskold. I was half-way through before I even *realized* it was present tense (which I normally hate). When well done, you shouldn’t even notice the tense.

    And I could see using second person in a short story where it’s half a conversation. (“And you did what next? Really, when you went into the room you saw x? Incredible!”) In fact, I’m tempted to write one, just to see.

    Oh, and a book that has a really interesting point of view is Synners, by Pat Cadigan. The book is from the point of view of a character with multiple personality disorder. What the publisher did in laying out the book was that they used a (subtly) different font for each of the characters, so you could always tell whose POV it is based on the font.

    (and wow! I’m almost caught up on episodes. Sad to see Eliyanna go, but Paul was a lot of fun)

  4. Make that last one “different font for each of the personalities” for Pat Cadigan’s Synners


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