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  1. Each writer’s process is certainly an individual preference. However, I do like hearing how other writer’s complete their work. The individual styles give me ideas on how to augment my own process.

    When I was young I thought fiction writer’s just sat down at their typewriters (showing my age) and wrote down the story as it came to them. This was a difficult process for me. Now I am somewhere down the middle. I outline, but I don’t let the outline totally rule the story. My outlines are living documents of where I think the story should go, but the process of writing inevitably brings inspiration and I would be remiss to slam the door on this muse, stating emphatically that is not in my outline. Sitting at my computer (yes I did join the 21st century) I feel I have somewhat of a roadmap, even if that roadmap may change mid-journey

    I certainly miss Eli, but I’m excited to have Paul as the new co-host. I like hearing about self publishing. You guys need to continue the conversation about covers. I am also very interested in hearing about the back covers, formatting advice and dealing with Amazon, Smashwords and the like.

    I’m looking forward to hearing both Terry’s and Paul’s Roundtable episodes. I’ve requested to be a guest writer as well, and offer up my own story so Dave, Brion, whichever crazy guest host they can convince to join us, and I can sift that pan for some literary gold.

  2. I’m always a fan of hearing about the process each of us has in writing. I like the idea of finding an image before writing, if I wrote shorter stuff, I’d do that. I was lucky that I managed to find an image to work as my “mock” cover. Amazing what a little editing can do.

    I’d be more interested in hearing about post, not sure I’d really need a 45+ minute podcast on book covers.


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