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  1. Enjoyed this one,I especially enjoyed the Anecdotes about how art is never done. I can definitely relate.
    I missed Justin, must have been a wicked burrito!

  2. One of the best episodes for a while, really enjoyed the discussion, particularly about finishing a work and leaving it well alone. Very timely for me right now. Is it heretical to say that the podcast works better as a two-hander?

    Although I was slightly alarmed to hear one of you imply that you think the Nobel Prize is awarded to writers for individual books!

  3. Not at all, it could be any two parties on the podcast. I listen to lots of podcasts and I’m terrible with names. I think of the two who were on it as Porn Man and Scrivener Dude. It’s only your name that I’d remember at gunpoint.

    Scrivener Dude thinks the Nobel Prize is awarded to individual books, Pulitzer-style! Chastise him thoroughly about that next time, would you? Cheers!

  4. I like how Paul shared writing out an interview with a character. I’ve been thinking about doing that because I have some very flat characters in a novel that’s been through 3 drafts already! My beta readers all said that one of the characters (a secondary character) was the most fleshed out and that the main characters were flat. So I need more back story for them and just the other day thought of trying this method. I’m happy to hear it worked so well for Paul. Great episode guys. Justin – hope it all game out alright 😉


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