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The Last Few Days To Support Matt Selznick’s Kickstarter Campaign

As I look at Matt’s Kickstarter page, I see he’s made the inital goal, but I’d like to help him do more. So, from now until the end of his campaign I’m going to offer up some science fiction short stories. They need an editing pass, for me to make covers, and publish them. That might take a few weeks, but it’ll be worth it. Trust me.

So, from now until the end of the campaign, if you make a new contribution of $5 or greater, or increase a previous contribution by at least $5, I’ll send you both of the shorts listed below as soon as they are ready. No later than mid-October I hope. Just send me a copy of your pledge receipt to terry at lynnmixon dot com.

War Fish

Near-Earth space has been wracked by war. Due to the particularities of subspace, that war is very similar to what the wet navy would have recognized from World War II.

Ray Honeycutt commanded the USS Flasher, a subspace submarine. When a large group of ships interrupted a quiet patrol, he expected a convoy. He got a lot more. Can he carry out his duty without losing his ship?

This story is already available as a podcast with music and sound effects here.

The Man Who Stole History

Cahill used time travel to venture into the distant past and take items that history recorded as lost or destroyed. He thought of it as a way to stick it to the Time Corps. They let his father die.

On what should have been a routine job, he got the chance to undo that wrong. Failure means death. Success means he steals himself from the timeline. Does he have the balls to carry it off?

If Matt reaches Goal + $1,200 and redoes Brave Men Run, I’ll record a podcast of this second short story and release both shorts to all the donors. So go on out and help him make that final push.




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