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Justin’s back! This week we review David Weber’s IN FURY BORN, talking about what we liked and didn’t, as well as what we learned about the craft of writing through reading it. We hope you enjoy!

And with that book down, we have a new one up to read and review? This time it’s Paul’s pick, and not surprisingly he has gone with a horror title. We’re going to give Terry another try and liking Stephen King, so the next book we’ll discuss is his second book, SALEM’S LOT. Read and review along with us!

This week’s promo – HAPAX, a forthcoming novel from Dragon Moon Press in October, written by Katie Bryski. It will also be released as a podcast starting in September.



  1. Y’know, I think if Terry is going to like any Stephen King, it would be The Dark Half. I don’t know if Salem’s Lot is going to be Terry’s “gateway King.”

  2. With Terry gone for a few weeks, will there be guest hosts brought in to fill the seat?

    Scribe from Pendragon, Dave Robison from Roundtable Podcast, Doc Coleman or Scott Roche from Galley Table, Michell Plested from Irreverent Muse/Get Published, or David Wood from Gryphonwood Press and Thriller Cast.

    Just an idea. Personally, I like having that third person involved, I think it’s a large step up from a conversation between two people. (Of course, not saying that Justin and Paul’s two-way conversation would be boring.)

  3. Justin,

    My back had been hurting a lot recently, and heard somewhere that sitting didn’t help with physical fitness. I didn’t have enough money for a whole new desk, so I bough cinder blocks to put under all the legs. It’s a cheap solution, but I’m trying to bootstrap a business, so $6 was a whole lot cheaper than new furniture!



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