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This week the robots discuss the topic of killing off characters. Whether they’re primary or a bit player, characters are going to die, but the real questions are when, why, and is it a good idea? We hope you enjoy the conversation.

Also, Eliyanna will soon be giving birth to her twin boys, and we send her our very best wishes, as well as a few needed gifts. If you’d like to send her a gift as well, she is registered at Amazon.

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  1. I think that over a long series or even just a long book where a lot of antagonistic characters are killed through fights and battles, it’s sometimes needed to kill off a “good guy” every once in a while to keep the balance and make the story more believable. After all, who would be afraid of a bunch of bad guys who keep dying without inflicting any damage on the other side? When I do this, I try to keep it to secondary characters, but secondary characters that still hold a little place in the reader’s heart. Otherwise, they won’t feel the sadness the primary characters do as they are grieving.


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