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Episode 250 – Giving Voice To Words With Veronica Giguere

This week the robots talk with author and voice actor extraordinaire Veronica Giguere. She has narrated and voice acted in so many productions, and she even writes as well, so settle in and enjoy the sultry sounds. From her, that is. Not us. We’re terrible.

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  1. Fun episode. Veronica is great.

    And on that note, Veronica, (if you are reading this) I laughed quite hard at the fact I followed type when I cast you as an old lady voice. I’d never heard you do a voice like that and was sure you could do it while sounding different enough to still be an option to voice another (more major) character in another story in the same universe that I plan to write down the road.

    Its funny to think we both did a voice for Justin’s story back then. It was one of my earliest, too. I know my acting has come a long way. I just did my first ACX deadline last week, with another this week, and I could never have done a straight read without first getting my feet wet in podcast acting. Now I feel like the audiobook experience will make me stronger in the audio drama arena. Things come full circle, I guess. Hmmmm, maybe a Fullcast topic. I’m due to record one.

  2. The story that didn’t come to light… reading for Justin’s story took FOREVER because I had just moved into the new studio and had a new computer, and we had terrible glitches with the sound setup. I really thought Justin was going to say, “Nah, I’ll find someone else,” with all of the horrible audio I’d sent the first time around. Turned out to be a conflict between my wireless card and the sound card, which we fixed.

    So really, Justin is one of the reasons I can give good voice in my studio.


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