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Episode 270 – Become Enchanted With Alethea Kontis

DSC_0312 Folks, you are in for a real treat this week as we robots sit down to chat with author Alethea Kontis about her novel ENCHANTED, her path to publication, and how the state of publishing is changing. She was delightful to talk to, and I’m sure you will all enjoy the conversation.

Alethea’s Website

Alethea’s Facebook Page

Alethea’s Twitter Page

If you’d like to read Alethea’s stories, here is her Amazon page.

In this episode we also mentioned Dave Robison and the Roundtable Podcast. Please, if you’re a fan (and how can you not?), send him your support and kind words.

If you’d like to listen to the episode in which Alethea, David, and I helped Lauren Harris brainstorm her story, you can do so HERE.

This week’s promo – WALK THE FIRE Kickstarter



  1. It’s official… I’m THREE MONTHS behind in my podcast listening, which means this comment will fall like a frail seed into the parched and barren wasteland of “past episodes”. Nevertheless, I offer it here in the hopes that “late” really IS better than “never”.

    This is a superb episode, showcasing all the best qualities of the DRS format, but what’s brought me to the comment thread is the compassion and support you guys expressed in your opening segment.

    It’s been a challenging few months but through it all I have sustained by the out pouring of sympathy, kind words, and affirmations from the podcast community. Listening to this episode today, I almost had to pull over.

    I know you guys maintain an outer shell of cynicism, crotchetiness (the double-entendre is intentional for Terry), and curmudgeonly snark, but when you guys choose to show your soft gooey centers, you really make it count.

    Your secret’s safe with me… and thanks. 🙂


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