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Episode 280 – Selznick’s Pilgrimage And Beyond

This week the Robots chat with Matthew Wayne Selznick about his novels Brave Men Run and Pilgrimage, as well as what he’ll be working on in the future.

bmr pilgrimage charters_duology

Brave Men Run — A Novel of the Sovereign Era

Pilgrimage — A Novel of the Sovereign Era

The Charters Duology

Selznick Serials (free fiction by subscription project)

Creative Services from MWS Media

Reggie vs. Kaiju Storm Chimera Wolf (short story for fans of Pacific Rim)




  1. Another wonderful time spent at the Society! Thanks for having me, guys. And listeners… I’m ready and willing to respond to your comments / questions about the episode. Please comment!

  2. Great show, guys 🙂

    Matt, I recently subscribed to the serial and can’t wait for the first installment. I’m curious to know what made you choose the serial format for this project. Will you be sharing your experiences with the project, successes and complications, on your blog or on another episode of DRS?


  3. Hi Josh — I’m very pleased you subscribed to the Selznick Serials “main channel!” You’ll get an email soon letting you know how to subscribe to receive installments of the first serial, Walk Like A Stranger: Passing Through Home.

    I talk about why I chose the serial format — and specifically the email delivery method — in this blog post.

    And sure, I’d love to come back on the DRS and talk about it! Maybe in the late summer… if they’ll let me! 😀


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