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This week the Robots chat one last time with Justin before he heads off for a much needed sabbatical. He started the podcast over six years ago, and he’s glad that it will continue in his absence. The Robots are dead, Long Live The Robots!

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And let’s all welcome Scott Roche to the podcast! He will be taking the infamous third chair. Here’s hoping it doesn’t blow up as it has before.



  1. I know Justin is still around as I’ve chatted him up in Facebook comments or on Twitter but I have to admit it was a bit sad listening to the end of this episode as the nice voice mail ended and the familiar music came on. That said I’m glad the podcast is in good hands and I hope to hear Justin come back someday but in the mean time this is still a great writing podcast that I look forward to listening to. Thanks guys. Looking forward to Justin’s next book release.


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