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Episode 325 – Author Earnings with Hugh Howey

This week, the guys talk with author Hugh Howey about, KDP Select, and KDP Unlimited.

Also, check out Terry’s new science fiction novel.

Finally, Author Edward Lorn is hosting a campaign on Indiegogo to fund the editing of his latest work after some unexpected medical problems. Give him a hand.



  1. Thanks for a great show. I’ve only recently discovered your podcast, so sorry if this is a little late.
    I’ve looked at the author earnings website and couldn’t find the information, but is there a way to know how many average sales this 50,000 sample is making, and what the average earnings are?
    It’s interesting to know that they are making $2 a book, but are they getting enough of those $2 earnings to make a reasonable living at it?
    Thanks once again for a great show.


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