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  1. Team Dead Robot,

    Saw on Facebook that you had mentioned us in this podcast, and so I headed over to see if I could help answer any questions.

    You asked about a storefront — each author website has a full storefront capability, able to handle physical goods as well as digital. Author Stefan Bolz set up his, and you can see it here:

    ThirdScribe is a complete social platform, with a social stream, forums, websites, books pages and more. It is WordPress based, and is completely managed and supported by us. The websites are full websites –just as you would have from — and packed with premium plugins and special tools. They were designed from the ground up to support authors and publishers.

    Glad to hear people are talking about us, and I’m happy to answer any questions you might have.


  2. Hey guys. Nice shout out there. Sorry didn’t mean to be that guy reminding you Justin about your website.

    Thirdscribe is forming an interesting platform for indie authors. I’d recommend joining the free version and taking a look around. Rob’s service in setting up your site and answering questions is outstanding.

    Rob was recently on the Author’s Stories Podcast discussing ThirdScribe as well as offering advice on marketing. Great stuff and a good look inside to see what his plans and intentions are.

    I listened and enjoyed this show while jogging and now I’m trying to remember the comments I wanted to share.

    Scott, great job on the word count! I was inspired by Jamie Todd Rubin writing like 500 days in a row. I’m at twenty days averaging 550 a day. I’ve found I average a 1/10 ratio between minutes writing to words. I’d like to become faster but one thing I learned recently is it gets easier once you get into and stay with a project. I was having a really hard time recently. I realized it was because I took a break for a month to polish a novel for submission, then when I returned to my project 60% in it was hard to get in a flow and figure out where it was going. Writing everyday, even if in small amounts, helped me gain confidence and a feel for the plot.

    Justin, I hope this new job and the chance to write at work will ease the pressure. I had that for a few years as a security guard. It was nice to have the safety net of the hourly income to make writing not responsible for if I ate or not. I’ll be curious to hear how your writing goes now.

    Terry, sorry to hear about your work insecurity. I’ve dealt with that some as a guard not knowing if I’d get hours the next week. I don’t know if that is your dream career, but I hope you sell enough books at some point to not need the job.

    Thanks for sticking around with the show guys. I know from experience it is not easy. I retired in August and still don’t have time. Part of that is a one year old being very attention hungry, but also I’m weak on job security so extra pressure to get more stories out there.


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