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  1. *sigh* As a Kobo person, I mourn the fact that you guys all seem very anti-Kobo.

  2. It’s not a question of being against Kobo. It’s more the fact that most of us have not had any sales using the platform. That’s the problem. It’s not that the platform isn’t good, it’s that you seem to be in the rare minority of folks that use it.

  3. I use Kobo too, its where I got Tattoo, Still Water, Chronicles of Esho St Claire and a couple of other books by Scott Roche. There’s a couple of us out here.

  4. I know and understand. I have several patrons who hate amazon and wished I’d stayed on Smashwords. But, again, there’s a price to be paid. For those of us trying to make a career of this, we have to choose what’s best for the actual sales of the products we make. I fought against going with the beast for more than five years. But it took a single experiment to show me that doing so was not only futile, it was hurting my sales and finding new readers. Not sure what to tell you.

  5. No apology required Paul. It’s nice to get a couple of sales, but a couple of sales won’t feed the dogs. (I’m assuming you don’t have kids since the only one I’ve heard mention them is Scott Roche.) I’m enjoying the podcasts though.

    BTW: Aren’t you guys privileged to know so many Scotts…

  6. You mentioned “Direct to Digital” as a better alternative to Smashwords. Do you have a link? All I get is a bunch of garbage results when I search for it.


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