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  1. Hey, I’m not your mother and I listen!!!

    Terry, you messed up in your book. Check out the rank of the princesses Marine lover. He is alternately Captain and Major.

  2. Ah, but I didn’t. At least not if I did things correctly. There can only be one captain on a ship, so marine captains are given a courtesy promotion to major. I think I said that at the first instance, but don’t know for sure. Thanks for pointing it out to me.

  3. Terry, they refer to him as Captain Talbot and then on the next page it is Major Talbot without promoting him.

    It is at the 71% mark in my Kindle. Check (Location 3132 of 4481) and then again at (3142 of 4481).

    I grabbed snapshots of the error and can send you the picture of the two pages if you have an email you prefer me to use?

    [Marine Captain Talbot and Crown Princess Elise Orison.]

    [Zia nodded. “I’ll see that Major Talbot is informed…”]

    And you never mention that bit about the captains. I was an Army boatswains mate (MOS 88K) before becoming infantry. I was raised in a Navy household. The duality of captaincy as a title and a rank aren’t new to me, so I pick up on those things. The Captain of the ship can be a private or a lieutenant etc, I get it. They’re STILL the captain, but that wasn’t what I read in your text. Overall, a minor mistake and I still gave it 5 stars. Basically, I just love seeing the Army kick arse in a genre that attracts more Navy than Army veterans.

  4. Check the 71% mark on eBooks readers (I use Kindle App on my iPad). It is very distinct, without the reference to Captain as a rank and a title. I had a longer reply a few days ago, but when I hit send it got lost in the “awaiting moderator approval” phase. Anyway, hope that helps!

    Huge fan Terry, love the work! 🙂



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