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  1. Just found the podcast a few days ago, really enjoying it. Thanks for providing the free content for us wannabe authors. (Kind of daunting to hear the level of output you guys manage, but I do appreciate the inside look into what you do for a living.)
    On James Wesley Rawles book Survivors, you might have known what’s coming if you’d learned that he has the single largest (and longest running) survivalism blog on the web, The Patriot series you were reading (Survivors is the 2nd book) isn’t his attempt at great fiction. It’s actually his attempt to make survival manuals more palatable to the general public by dressing them up in a storyline. If you ever have a spare moment to find one of the few interviews he’s done online, give a listen, as between extremely well-grounded and rational advice on survivalism you’ll hear his distrust of the powers-that-be based on the risks of societal collapse he believes they’ve exposed us to… opinions based on his history as an intelligence officer for that same government.
    Anyway, just a little light on what you read. Keep up the good work, and thanks for the light-hearted approach you guys take to all this. It’s definitely fun to listen to y’all and has gotten me writing again.

    All the Best,


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