DRS Episode 523 – “How does this start again?”

Terry and Paul discuss melding the real and the imaginary to create your world and plots.

Where do you start a story? How do you know you have the right beginning? How do you change it later? Terry and Paul discuss.

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2 thoughts on “DRS Episode 523 – “How does this start again?””

  1. How soon we forget. Well, not soon.

    You guys briefly discussed SF reboots, and mentioned wanting a Gilligan’s Island in space.

    Well, back in the early eighties there was a Saturday Morning cartoon called Gilligan’s Planet. Mind you, this was a sequel rather than a reboot, since the Professor builds a space ship to get them off the island, and they end up getting stranded on a different planet instead. But it even had all the original actors (minus one) doing the voices (Dawn Wells ended up doing bother Mary Ann and Ginger)

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