[Justin]: This weekend sucked

Justin wrote:

My weekend started with my microwave going out. It has been kind of wonky for weeks now, but Saturday morning it decided to finally give up the ghost. And, of course, it wasn’t a standalone counter microwave. No, this one had to be built-in. And, to make matters worse, when I finally got all the […]

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4 thoughts on “[Justin]: This weekend sucked”

  1. Hey but think about it. Isn’t it good fodder for your writing. They always say kick your characters where they hurt. Maybe you can use all that just to give one of your characters a hard time. If you have to suffer through it so should one of your characters…mooohhahahha.

  2. Sounds alot like my last 2-3 weeks. Had my home hit during the bad storms, tornados got hit with branches through my back room roof, hail through the rest of the roof, 1 window knocked out and another broken/cracked. Plus dings over everything else in between and missing gutters. What a week 🙂

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