Episode 161 – Trapping Demons With Jana Oliver

This week Justin, Terry, and Eli talk with author Jana Oliver about her new novel “The Demon Trapper’s Daughter” releasing on Feb. 1st. Along the way we talk time travel, outlines, and self-publishing. We hope you enjoy!

Jana Oliver’s Website
The Demon Trapper’s Daughter Website
The Time Rovers Series

During the opening of the show we also discuss a grammar book by Patricia O’Conner. This is it, and I hope all you avail yourselves of it posthaste! It is a life saver! So easy to read, so informative, you’ll be glad you got it.


4 Responses to “Episode 161 – Trapping Demons With Jana Oliver”

  1. Bryan says:

    I really liked this interview. Jana’s writing style really resonates. Gonna have to take a look at Sojourn.

  2. I’m glad you liked it, Bryan. Jana was a pleasure to talk to. She’s always welcome back whenever she has something to discuss or promote.

  3. Mikael says:

    At first I was sure that the novel with the disappointing end was The Amber Spyglass. That gives imho a horrible example of bad let-down endings.

    Was your example even worse? 🙂

  4. Terry Mixon says:

    I’ve never read the amber spyglass, so I can’t say for sure. Shoot me an email about the book and how it went bad and I’ll see if I can mention it.

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