Episode 340 – Reflecting On The Past And Looking Forward

Terry, Justin, and Scott gather to reflect on their writing during the past year and part the mists of the future to plan to do better.


Episode 331 – Inspiration Stations


This week’s episode is brought to you by the Loft Literary Center. The Loft Literary Center, located in Minneapolis, is one of the nation’s leading literary nonprofits and offers a wide array of online and in-person creative writing classes for all levels and genres. Online classes are offered seasonally, so all you need is Wi-Fi to learn from experienced writers and transform that creative spark into a piece of art.

Justin, Paul, and Scott discuss where stories come from and where you should look for inspiration.

Also, go buy Paul’s new book, The Black.


Episode 328 – R.I.P. Main Characters

Justin, Terry, Scott, and Paul discuss the pros and cons of killing main characters.

We also talk about the tragic passing of our friend P.G. Holyfield. You can make a donation to help his daughters and to cover some of his medical expenses at http://www.gofundme.com/pgfund.


Episode 327 – Jake Bible Talks Light Speed Writing

Jake Bible joins Paul, Terry, and Scott to discuss his writing process, the insanity of turning out a book a month, and his tendency to use insane characters. Check him out at http://jakebible.com.


Episode 326 – Endings

Scott and Terry talk about endings, with the usual meandering through a few more subjects.

Check out Scott’s podcast short story at the Melting Pot Podcast.

Terry went on the AuthorCast podcast with David Wood and Alan Baxter.

Also, once again, check out Terry’s new science fiction novel.


Episode 325 – Author Earnings with Hugh Howey

This week, the guys talk with author Hugh Howey about authorearnings.com, KDP Select, and KDP Unlimited.

Also, check out Terry’s new science fiction novel.

Finally, Author Edward Lorn is hosting a campaign on Indiegogo to fund the editing of his latest work after some unexpected medical problems. Give him a hand.



Episode 323 – Prologues and Epilogues

Join the Robots as that talk about prologues and epilogues. What they are, when they should be used, and when they shouldn’t.


Episode 322 – Flashbacks, Tenses, and More!

Join the Robots as they talk about flashbacks, tenses, and whatever else comes across their minds.


Episode 321 – Writing in Shared Worlds with John Mierau

Join the Robots as they talk with author and podcaster John Mierau about writing in a shared universe. We talk about his shared world anthologies Walk The Fire and May The Ferryman Take You.

Visit his site to see what he’s up to at http://ServingWorlds.com.


Episode 320 – POD book layout with John McCarthy

Join the robots as they talk with an expert on what goes into laying out your book. John McCarthy walks us through the pitfalls of getting the interior of a print project just right.

Some further insight on the subject can be found in this interview with Jane Friedman.

You can reach him at SurfsideCity@gmail.com to do your POD layout for a very reasonable sum. Remember, don’t be that guy. Make your book look like a pro did it.

We also mentioned the following in the show:

The Book Designer — Practical Advice to Help Self-Publishers Build Better Books
Draft2Digital (though I couldn’t remember the name at the time)
Cover Critics
Lousy Covers


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