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Amanda wrote:

After working another long week, (38 hours this time) I finally have a little room to breathe. I’ve got the next three days off to rest and recuperate, plus I’m taking some time off next week to go laptop shopping with my mom. We’ve both finally saved up enough money and I am SO excited to be so close to getting myself the laptop I’ve been wanting for over a year now. 🙂 Plus, after I’m finished purchasing my lovely new Apple, I can start saving up for the other pieces of technology I’ve been craving, such as an Xbox 360, a new iPod, and of course lots of video games/music to go along with them. *squee* My poor 20-page-long Amazon wishlist has been sadly neglected over the past couple of months! It’ll be nice to get back to shortening it.

Also, words do not describe how happy I am that the new Hellboy movie is finally coming out. I saw previews for it last night and I’m still squeeful. Unfortunately I haven’t seen any of the other cool movies that have come out this summer, which is just terrible, but such is the danger of working life. (And not having a car) That’s OK though, since I think we’re going to go see Iron Man next week after laptop shopping has concluded. I’m amazed at how many interesting movies are coming out this year. Last year it seemed like we had hardly anything worth watching and now my list is so long, I can’t keep up with it. On the bright side, maybe now we’ll go see more movies since I can finally afford to pay for my own ticket, which makes it a little less expensive. (Though not if gas prices keep skyrocketing)

My writing hasn’t been going so great, again thanks to my job. I’m so exhausted when I get home that trying to do anything creative is just too much for me to handle. I have managed to do a little work, though, and Episode 3 of Dreamfall is almost finished. I swear it’s forthcoming, plus I’m going to use the extra time off this week to see if I can’t get Episodes 4 and 5 done as well. No promises, though, because I’ve also got to spend time on other things, like catching up on chores and another project I’ve got going that I’m keeping under wraps for the moment.

The job hasn’t been that peachy, either. All but a handful of my friends have left. Yesterday is probably the last time I’m going to see one of my best friends there, and it seems my superiors have decided that they just can’t be bothered to train me for anything new and different, which means that I get to be a cashier stuck doing the exact same job day in, day out, from now until doomsday. I am not the sort of person who deals well with monotony. Especially not minimum wage monotony that’s so exhausting and painful it’s keeping me from my real work. Writers: don’t quit your day job, but don’t let your day job take over your life, either. Mine is dangerously close to doing so, not to mention I’ve developed a creeping depression because of it. Things will change soon– I’ll make sure of it– but I am sad that a job I once enjoyed has so quickly turned sour. And I miss my friends. Not all of them are gone, but the ones I was closest to have moved on, and it makes me sad. Bright side: all this emotional turmoil will make for a wonderful story someday.

And that’s your window in to the life for Amanda Cales for this week. 🙂 Have a cookie.

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  1. Sounds like you need to go shopping for a new day job, Amanda. One that better suits your “real” career.

    Although downswings are pretty normal for writers with day jobs, if you’re so wrung out after work that you can’t write, then the job isn’t doing you any favours.

    Just my $0.02 worth.


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