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Episode 70 – Creating An Atmosphere For Writing

This week we discuss the topic of writing environments. Do we need a particular place, the right music, some candles, perhaps red curtains and dancing girls? Listen in as we talk about what works for us to see what might work for you.

And hey, I thought I’d post up a couple of pictures that show the space I talk about in the podcast. I really am as geeky as I sound.

Justin's Desk

Justin's desk again



  1. Damn, Macumber. That is some truly hardcore geekiness right there.

    Maybe when I have more energy I’ll post a picture of my “office” for the public’s viewing (dis)pleasure.

  2. Jesus you can actually see your desk, thats not geeky enough for me…where are all the parts and stuff that should be hanging out everywhere? Not enough toys or lightsabers for when the kids come in the door and need a good whapping burr sound with a plastic lightsaber 😀

    p.s. I have that same Darth Maul picture I think.

  3. I got that Darth Maul picture when I met Ray Park in Las Vegas several years ago. I think I talked about that experience back in an episode we did with Tee Morris. Mr. Park was incredibly nice. He autographed that photo, as well as one of he and I. I also have a picture of me and Nathan Fillion, my man-crush.

    As for my desk, you’ll be pleased to know that right now it’s cover in notepads as I write. The lightsabers are within reach on my right.


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