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Episode 223 – Saying Goodbye To Eliyanna

This week Terry and Justin have the sad duty of saying goodbye to Eliyanna, who leaves us for the impending joy of motherhood. We hate to see her go, but we’re proud to have had her as a part of the show, and we wish her nothing but love and success.

Eliyanna’s Website
Eliyanna’s Facebook Page
Eliyanna’s Twitter

And with that we’d also like to welcome our newest regular co-host to the show, Paul Elard Cooley. Long time listeners of the show should be more than familiar with Mr. Cooley, or if you have even half an ear to the podioshere ground. We look forward to hearing Paul’s thoughts week in and week out, and know that he’ll add yet another layer to the Dead Robots’ Society nacho platter. Welcome, Paul. Let’s hope you stick around longer than the last one.



  1. Thank you all for this fabulous episode. Eli has been a part of the DRS for as long as I’ve been listening and the details of her life have always been supposed or inferred. It was a real pleasure to FINALLY learn about her background and motivations. Just in time to bid her farewell.

    We’ll miss you desperately, Eli! No writing podcast is complete without the Canadian lesbian perspective represented. Maybe Paul can study up on that. 😉 You will make a fabulous parent and are already a mighty writer and we’ll look forward (eagerly) to your return visits (note the plural usage).

    Terry’s right, though… this would have been a good referential episode long ago. Maybe you could do this with Paul now and just include a link to the episode on his profile page for future fan reference?

    Paul, I can’t wait to discover how your insights and perspectives expand, enhance, and distort the alchemy of the Dead Robots. You addition to the roster is inspired and I am that much MORE a fan of the podcast for it.

    Rock on, all of you, as you always do…

  2. Paul Cooley!?!?! You guys are going to let Paul on the air? Every week???

    On purpose????

    Oh, the horror!


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