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Episode 243 – Wrangling The Muse With Dave Robison

This week we’re joined by Dave Robison of the Roundtable Podcast, and we talk about that slippery subject of inspiration, AKA the muse. How do we fuel it, how do we keep it, and what do we do when it flees? Enjoy!

Dave Robison can be heard more on The Roundtable Podcast (which we love and also helped inspire) and Protecting Project Pulp podcasts.




  1. Another point about the “new creativity” occurred me while Paul was talking about LEGOs…

    He’s right that – back in the day – we just got a huge box of LEGO blocks of various sizes and shapes and build whatever our imaginations could conceive. Today, there are LEGO sets which are almost like models where it’s more about “following directions” than creative construction.


    Being a Bionicle fan and creator for a few years now, I’ve purchased a LOT of those “sets” and now I have a bunch of finished Bionicles sitting around my workspace (like Justin’s action figures).

    Now, if I conform to old school thinking, I’m done. Those Bionicles are “finished” because I followed the directions and created the pictured image.

    But you know what? Those figures AREN’T finished. If I tear them ALL apart and put those pieces into a big stack… OMG what wonders could be created from THAT stack of LEGO goodness?

    I think maybe I’ve been wrong in my “lamentation of the loss of the one true LEGO”. I think LEGO has actually upped the creative stakes and given us MORE than just blocks to fuel our creative explorations.

    If you shift your perspective, all that’s REALLY changed is:

    A) LEGO isn’t offering their building pieces in a generic pack, but rather giving young builders a head start with a tangible objective in a single package, which THEN leads to…

    B) Gathering a wide array of packages – and thus pieces – actually engages a HIGHER level of creativity that isn’t limited to the linear “block” model we had.

    With that revelation, I again salute LEGO and the creative inspiration they foster in their fans (young and old).

    What do you think? Am I just being a polyanna in my hope for LEGO redemption? Or is LEGO really upping the value (entertainment AND creative) in their packaging of their new products?


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