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Episode 272 – Red Adept Publishing Is In The House


This week the Robots were delighted to sit down with Lynn McNamee of Red Adept Publishing to talk about the evolution of Red Adept and the new direction they’ve headed in. We hope you enjoy!

Red Adept Publishing’s website

The WALK THE FIRE Kickstarter was mention during the show. PLEASE PLEDGE!

Terry mentioned a book on how to find paid and free erotica on Amazon. Here is the Kindle link.

This week’s promo – Indie Author Marketing Info from Matthew Wayne Selznick



  1. Hi Lynn – you once gave me an honorable mention for a book – Golem’s Clone. I have some more on Amazon – under the pseudonym Jack B. Wily – same as before – here on an island in thailand doing some writing and photography.

    Neel (check out The Monster on Elephant Island on Amazon)


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