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Episode 273 – Free Podcast or Paid Audiobook?

This week Terry and Paul talk about the differences between creating a free podcast of your fiction and a for pay audiobook.

Also, Paul had some good press about his book signing program, MyWrite. Check it out in the two part series by Digital Book World.



  1. Great episode guys. I’ve always planned on putting my genre fiction novels on Podiobooks, but now that I’ve landed a gig as an audio book narrator on ACX I want to put it on there too, but I can’t have it on ACX and podiobooks, so I’m wondering what I should do. I’m thinking about doing what Hutch did with his novel Personal Effects and putting up a little prequel novella for free on Podiobooks, then have the full novel available through ACX. I don’t know, we’ll see.

    Also, as soon as I landed the audio book narration gig through ACX I bought Dan Sawyer’s book “Making Tracks” and it was very helpful. I’ve recorded 12 of my own short stories and one novellette but doing a full novel was a surprisingly different animal. Producing almost 8 hours of audio has been like a marathon – though one I really enjoyed. I started by just hitting record and reading through mistakes and all, but that left me with over 2 hours of audio to edit down to like 50ish minutes of finished audio. This took FOREVER. I found that whenever I made a mistake if I stopped, erased and rerecorded then it was a much faster process in post. Recording took a bit longer, and I still had to do tons of editing to take out mouth sounds and fix the timing between most of the sentences, but saved me a ton of time.

    Anyways, great show guys! I love audio books and podiobooks.


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