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Covers, Cats, Pacing, and Memes

Download Terry and Paul discuss the effect of bad covers, Paul’s manic pacing, and lots of memes. Please visit our sponsor, Corpse Coffee (, and check out their boutique teas, coffees, and their webcomic. Enjoy the show? Consider becoming a…


DRS Episode 516 – The Last Word

Paul and Terry discuss how to write endings. Like the show? Considering becoming a Patreon patron or purchasing one of our stories and thanks for listening. Links: Paul’s new novel “Derelict: Destruction” Terry’s new novel “Hidden Enemies” The Dead Robots’…


DRS Episode 447 – Butcher on Writing Part 2

Paul and Terry discuss Jim Butcher’s “On Writing” posts. Links: Butcher on Writing Story Craft Conflict, Logical Response, PoV Fundamentals–Story Skeletons Characters The Great Swampy Middle Scenes Sequels Story Climax Putting It All Together The Most Important Thing An Aspiring…