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Episode 289 – It’s A Thriller Night

This week’s episode is brought to you by the Loft Literary Center. The Loft Literary Center, located in Minneapolis, is one of the nation’s leading literary nonprofits and offers a wide array of online and in-person creative writing classes for…


Episode 267 – The Robots Get Genderfied

This week the Robots are joined by Lauren “Scribe” Harris to talk about writing to and for the opposite gender. What stereotypes should be avoided, which are true, and how should it affect your writing? Enjoy! Lauren’s Blog Pendragon Variety…


Episode 266 – Back Cover Blurbs

This week the Robots talk about back cover blurbs. These are important marketing tools that no author should ignore. This week’s promo – Garaaga’s Children: Ancients by Paul Elard Cooley Also mentioned is the Five Guys In A Limo video….


Episode 257 – Setting The Scene

This week the Robots talk about description and setting the scene. How much description is too much, how much is not enough, and how do you know when to stop? We hope you enjoy the conversation. We mention Stephen King…