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Month: April 2009

Pre-Order Personal Effects: Dark Art

The following has been copied and pasted from JC Hutchins’ site: Personal Effects: Dark Art will hit bookstores on June 9 … but if you pre-order the novel now, your sale counts toward mission-critical “day one” purchases, which affect rankings…


[Justin]: New short story has been published

Justin wrote: Well, it looks like my short story series “Tales Of The Breaking Dawn” is finally getting released to the world. Part One has just been published by the fine folks at Ray Gun Revival. Parts Two, Three, and…


Ray Gun Revival – Issue #52

* Direct Download * This month’s issue is not only chock-a-block full of the usual greatness that the guys at Ray Gun Revival bring, but it also includes the first in a four-part short story series written by me, Justin…


The world needs a Consulting Detective

Even though I’m busy until the middle of May, I’ve decided to start producing a full-cast, sound effects and music included, recording of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes book: A Study in Scarlet. See this new page here at…