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The following has been copied and pasted from JC Hutchins’ site:

Personal Effects: Dark Art will hit bookstores on June 9 … but if you pre-order the novel now, your sale counts toward mission-critical “day one” purchases, which affect rankings on booksales charts, media coverage, in-store book placement, and more!

Since I’m on a major imprint, all pre-orders “roll up” and count as sales for the day the book is available in stores. Pre-ordering right now helps me tremendously: the more pre-orders I have, the more support I’ll receive from bookstores as the street date approaches. And yes, I totally want my print debut to hit the NYT bestseller list. That can happen, with your help.

So get proactive and pre-order now. If you’re committed to purchasing Personal Effects at a bookstore on June 9, consider pre-ordering now as gifts for friends or loved ones. Not only will you help me … you’ll help champion Personal Effects’ innovative form of storytelling!





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