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David Williams’ latest book, “The Burning Skies,” is now out!

Burning Skies Cover

Last year, author David Williams published his breakout science fiction thriller “The Mirrored Heavens,” a novel Steven Baxter said was Tom Clancy meeting Bruce Sterling. Now that story continues in William’s latest novel, “The Burning Skies.” The life that U.S. counterintelligence agent Claire Haskell once knew is in tatters. Her mission was betrayed, her lover is dead, and the defeat of the mysterious insurgent group Autumn Rain isn’t as complete as some believed. What is quickly becoming clear is that their ultimate goal isn’t simply to destroy the tenuous global alliances of the 22nd Century, but to rule all of humanity. Now it’s up to Claire to win an impossible war. She must be ready for the Rain’s next move, but the true enemy may already be inside her head.

To learn more about “The Burning Skies,” please visit There you will discover more about the incredible world that David Williams has created, as well as learn about the author himself, all of which should prepare you for next year’s release of William’s forthcoming novel, “The Machinery Of Light.” “The Burning Skies” is available for purchase at and all fine book retailers.



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