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Month: February 2010

News from J.C. Hutchins

For those who don’t already know, J.C. Hutchins, one of the founding fathers of podcast fiction and author of the novels “Personal Effects: Dark Arts” and “7th Son: Descent,” has decided to step away from podcasting to persue his writing…


Episode 118 – Save The Drama

* File Download * This week Terry and Justin discuss the topic of dramatic tension. A story without tension isn’t a story at all, so how do you create it, and how do you maintain it? Listen in and see…


Episode 116 – Strange No More

* File Download * This week Justin, Terry, and Ryan discuss the topic of making the unfamiliar familiar, the strange not so strange, and the alien believable. Can it be done? Should it? Let’s find out. Enjoy. Promo – John…