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Month: June 2012

HAYWIRE Audiobook Now Available

Hey, everyone, I wanted to let you all know that the audiobook of HAYWIRE has finally been released to The book was narrated by Veronica Giguere, and she did an amazing job bringing my words to life. I’m so…


Book Reviewers Needed

Here at the Dead Robot offices we’re proud of all the fine authors and publishers that we’ve been able to bring on our show to share their knowledge and insight with you, our listeners and fellow writers. A rather recent…


Episode 229 – Being Good At Being Bad

This week Justin and Terry are joined with J. Daniel Sawyer to talk about villains and antagonists. Too often people think those are the same thing, but they’re not, and learning how to properly use both can make or break…


The First Million Words Podcast

I’m always happy to pass along podcasts that I think you — our listeners — might find worthwhile. The wonderful guys over at the Roundtable Podcast are still putting out a great show (and will also happen to be on…


Episode 227 – The Pros Of Cons

This week the Robots sit down to chat about Balticon and other conventions, what we’ve seen, what we’ve learned, and what they have to offer today’s writers and podcasters. We hope you enjoy the conversation, and we’re glad to be…